ARea 51 Headcase

Multi-function headwear!  The versatility and performance of this product will simply amaze you ... try one and you will never race without one again!

Manufactured with 100% polyester micro-fibre, which is wind resistant, breathable and moisture wicking.  It also dries in minutes, retains its elasticity and does not fray.

It is constructed without seams and will not loose its shape.

Headcase works great underneath a helmet and for keeping sweat off your face. It can be worn in many ways including as a skull cap, balaclava, neckerchief and wrist band.

The ARea 51 Headcase multi-functional headwear performs for all activities, and provides protection from hot and cold conditions (including sun, snow and wind) ... making it the ideal 'must have' accessory for adventure racing and multi-sport activities!