The only sports garments to use "Targeted Compression" ...  Body Science (BScĀ®) compression garments will help enhance performance, reduce muscle injury and aid recovery between training sessions.

BSc compression has undergone stringent scientific testing through leading universities proving these garments reduce your heart rate, enhance your recovery and allow you to go further for longer. Backed by university research and worn by the worlds best athletes, the results speak for them-self.

BSc compression utilises the most advanced fabric to construct this one of a kind garment. Crafted from 250gsm warp knit fabric, this fabric supplies your body with serious power with maximum durability ... so you can train harder, for longer with BSc compression!  

dicky beach bsc long sleve top design front

Men's BSc - Dicky Beach SLSC LS Top

bsc multi hull paddle pants side view

BSc M's Multi Hull Paddle Shorts

long sleeve black shirt_000

ARea 51 Logo - BSc M's Long Sleeve T